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2010-05-28 10:58:52

Poland joins the Global Action Week in 2010!

Poland joins the Global Action Week in 2010

This year Poland will join the Global Action Week in order to support the efforts of the Global Campaign for Education. Last year’s action met with a lot of interest and turned out to be a great success. Therefore, we would like to run it once again this year to prove that Poland is not indifferent towards those deprived of the opportunity to receive free public quality education. Our aim is to show solidarity with those who fight to reduce inequalities in access and quality of education as well as to increase public spending on education.

The ZNP has taken it upon itself to organise a national highlight event in cooperation with other partners from Poland. We are planning to invite a few non-government organisations as well as a few politicians  to participate in the main event within the Global Action Week, which takes place this year from 19th to 25th April. We would also like to hold a press conference to attract attention to education financing, which is the main theme of the Global Action Week 2010. Moreover, we are planning to organise a seminar devoted to the financial situation of the education sector in Poland. This issue is of particular importance to us given insufficient financial investments in education in our country. 

We are going to contact presidents of the ZNP districts and branches in order to spread the message of the initiative of the Global Campaign for Education and to encourage them to join the action. We will ask them to get in touch with schools in their regions and to convey to them the idea of the Global Action Week.  

We consider contacting a few border schools to encourage them to organise sports matches with their counterparts abroad.

We have already translated materials from English to Polish and will soon share them with all the people concerned. Information on the Global Action Week in Poland will soon appear on our website. We will keep you informed about our initiatives.